Hege Merakerås

About Me


The story behind Den gode historien

As a child, I had fragile lungs. Whilst the other kids were biking and playing soccer, I would read or crochet with Grandma. For long periods of time, I would be in the hospital, surrounded by strangers in white uniforms. My mother, a housewife at the time, spent many nights there, in a bed close to mine. However, my younger brother also needed her and we had few relatives around to help out. Sometimes my parents would only be able to stop by in the evening before driving back home.

Nevertheless, every single one of those evenings held its own magic, because each evening meant another story. Stories about little people like myself, who willingly dove into danger. From my hospital bed I’d fight against bullies, or swim through the frothing waters of Plum Creek, Minnesota. Of course I won over the bullies, of course I managed to reach the river banks, though barely alive. I forgot that I was small and frail.

I became invincible - and additionally entertained.

And so I tell stories. I tell stories for teachers and dentists, Norwegians and Americans. Everybody has a need for heroes. Everybody loves to laugh. You too. Welcome to Den gode historien.

"Den gode historien is suitable for all who work with and for others. Hege Merakerås sheds a light on everyday life’s struggle with self-irony, humor and professionalism. That moment when the story makes you realize that someone else shares your thoughts and feelings, is truly magic.

Den gode historien moves, inspires – and touches the very heart of you." – Gerd Staverløkk, principal at Rennebu Elementary School


I studied storytelling, drama and theater communication at Oslo Metropolitan University. I also loved to sing and for years, I wanted to become a musician. I struggled with endless scales under world class teachers at CSULB, California, and then went to tiny Rauland in Southern Norway to study folk music. I thought music technology sounded cool and moved to Kristiansand. Surrounded by hip studio musicians, I regrettably didn’t fit in. In the end I sat with a Master’s Degree in Musicology from NTNU and no clear plan. For a decade I was teaching – in churches, schools and evening classes. There were many precious moments.

Still, something felt wrong, as if I was on the wrong path. It was when I started storytelling and realized I could make my audience laugh and even weep that I knew what I really wanted to do. The years in the hospital taught me just how powerful stories are. I wanted to share that empowerment with others. So, in 2013 I decided to establish Den gode historien, meaning "The good story".