Hege Merakerås


“Hege Merakerås met us with a creative force and an obvious ability and willingness to convey in new ways. What she's doing, is the future.” – Magne Vik Bjørkøy, NRK producer



I have a wide range of customers, yet they share at least two common traits: They know that stories communicate and empower us. They love listening to them. These are some of my customers.

  • NTNU Videre
  • St Olav Festival
  • TV2
  • Church Aid Norway
  • St Olav’s Hospital, Orkdal
  • North university
  • Queen Maud University College
  • The Norwegian State Housing Bank
  • Trondheim municipality
  • Bergen municipality
  • Bergen International Festival
  • Northern Norway Storytelling Forum
  • Oppdal municipality
  • Rennebu municipality
  • Ecclesiastical Educational Center
  • Joy of Life for the Elderly
  • Oslo Storytelling festival
  • The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs
  • Southern Trøndelag Medical Association
  • Nidaros diocese
  • Orkdal Health Association
  • Kastanje design
  • College of Southern Eastern Norway