Hege Merakerås

den gode historien

– makes the world a bit wiser and a bit more fun


Do you want more inspiration in life? A unique experience that makes you see new possibilities? Then let me tell you a story.

We all share stories – on the bus, over lunch or at the side of a hospital bed. There really is no better communication tool. And so I’ve made storytelling my profession. I create and perform inspirational stories for conferences and seminars. When I tell a story, you’ll not only hear it but feel it. That feeling of inspiration empowers you to change your perception. The perception of your own potential – and that of others. 


working with me

I combine art and entertainment to inspire you. I promise quality. The truth - and then some. Here's how it works:

1) Find the service which suits your needs best 

2) Tell me what occation the service is for, and what would really lift your event. Please ask any question you ponder over. I’ll be happy to answer.

3) I deliver the program you’ve ordered – with enthusiasm and contagious inspiration