Frequently asked questions

Is your service like an entertaining lecture?

It might look a bit like it from the outside. However, if you went to a seminar on paralysis(!), a lecturer would probably describe which nerves were suffering from the diagnosis. She would perhaps give an analysis of what signals the braincells would send out, or what to expect as to recovery. If i were to tell you a story, I would describe how the paralysed person felt. I would get "inside of her head" and tell you what I saw in there. For a short while you would feel like you were paralysed. My intent isn't to inform but to move your heart.   

Is storytelling like stand-up?

In stand-up, every line is written to make you laugh. Stories can be just as fun. It depends on what's happening. I'll always look for humor in a story but never force it if it doesn't naturally belong there. The content decides.

Who is your services for?

You'll see when looking at the list of customers that my range is wide. If you enjoy listening to stories and let yourself get inspired by others, you'll enjoy my services.

What will your service cost?

It depends on how many hours I'll need for preparations. The clearer your order is, the easier it will be for me to work efficiently. I'm always curious to know exactly what you need, so that I can help you in the best possible way. That will also be cheaper for you. Win-win.